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Twenty Minutes

SEGMENTS of images appear progressively in 120º arcs around a circle, or about 20 minutes on a clock, in an ongoing, helical, panoramic sequence.

This book presents the history of everything in small slices, or as Blake put it, "thro' chinks of [man's] cavern".
Is this how we experience things, never able to see or conceive of more than small segments of the whole in turn, as the future spirals vaguely towards us from one direction and the past disappears into obscurity in the other?


Printed on translucent paper, handmade, hardcover, Chicago-screw-bound, limited-edition book. 33cmsW x 30cmsH, 64pp.


The images below are non-consecutive pages from Twenty Minutes.

Cover of Twenty Minutes
Twenty Minutes p1
Twenty Minutes p2
Twenty Minutes p3
Twenty Minutes p4
Twenty Minutes p5
Twenty Minutes p6
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