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The general tone of the writings collected here is one of everyday journalism, rather than of an open creative nature, examples of which may
follow later. Some of these texts were written in recent times, and form part of my ongoing inquiries into the nature of the contemporary experimental artist's book. As such, they overlap with texts already pointed to in the Further Information section of this website.


They are:
"Coming to Our Sense with a Modern Mythic Mode" was an article published in JAB39, the Journal of Artists' Books;
"No More Happy Ever Afters", appeared in The BlueNote Book reflecting on my research as a Fellow at the State Library of Queensland.
"The Hall of Mirrors" is a talk I gave at the CODEX Australia gathering in 2014, about some ideas about books.

Two other recent texts are contributions or reviews of the books
of fellow travellers: 

An Afterword was written for "Kaleidoscopic Erasures", a visual book
by rVb, who is a visual poet and virtural reality artist working out of Melbourne.

A Review for the second book of "Polemical Rhymes", "Rhymes for a Dying Planet Vol2," part of an urgent response to the climate emergency by Jon Kaufman, historian, activist and poet, living in London . 

The rest of the writings in this archive date back some years to my days
in London and Paris. The collection here are features and reviews published mainly in TNT Magazine, a general low-rent mag for tourists to London with astonishingly high circulation numbers. I offer here too, a few short film reviews that I wrote for TIME OUT, Paris.

• A Feature article here, "Dare to Care", concerns the recent arrival of the Guardian Angels from NYC onto the London Underground where violent crime was perceived to be on the rise.

• TNT Mag ran a series of interviews with prominent Australian writers, for which I interviewed Dorothy Hewett, and wrote this article "Rapunzel at Large."
• Visiting artists or performers were often featured in the pages of TNT Mag. Here is a short feature, "Voices from the Villages",
that I wrote about visiting a capella group, "Blindman's Holiday."

• Most weeks I wrote short reviews for music, art or theatre events.
An assorted selection is remembered Here.

• The Paris TIME OUT reviews can be read Here.

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