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The Fall

THE disintegration that an everyday sweet potato undergoes, when it is used to make a series of progressive prints, suggests itself as an unlikely but useful metaphor for Lucifer's fall from the grace of heaven to the chaos of hell.
Six hundred and sixty six digital prints, from an original hand-printed set,
in this book, record Lucifer's, and the potato's, journey of descent.
Perhaps this is just part of the natural life cycle of potatoes. And Angels.


Archival digital prints, handmade, hardcover, section-sewn, limited-edition book. 21cmsW x 28cmsH, 64pp.


The images below are non-consecutive page spreads from The Fall.

Cover of The Fall
The Fall p1
The Fall p2
The Fall p3
The Fall p4
The Fall p5
Carved sweet potato
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