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Ideo(t) Grammatica

TO demonstrate that a sentence could be grammatically correct but meaningless, linguist Noam Chomsky proposed the sentence "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously." But of what, we might wonder, do they dream? This book traces this language dreaming where normal grammar takes a rest. While the standard 26 letters of the English language are increasingly allowed to slumber, the lesser appreciated cousins of the alphabet, the supporting, non-phonetic (ideogrammic?) symbols, get to awaken and play.
But what mischief and grand idiocy lies that way?


Archival digital prints on Arches watercolor paper, handmade, hardcover, section-sewn, limited-edition book.
18cmsW x 26cmsH, 64pp.


The images below are non-consecutive page spreads from
Ideo(t) Grammatica

Ideo(t) Grammatica cover
Ideo(t) Grammatica p1
Ideo(t) Grammatica p2
Ideo(t) Grammatica p3
Ideo(t) Grammatica p4
Ideo(t) Grammatica p5
Ideo(t) Grammatica p6
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