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everything … and this

WHAT is the grammar of the universe, its operating system?
Is it some strange, unknown algorithmic (even typographic) system? Or could it be something as simple as "the totality", via an endless, never-ending (perhaps cycling) addition?: "this … and this … and this … and …"
But how can more be added to a totality? If the "everything" is the baseline,
where is that which is added to be found, before it is added? What then is the difference between the nature of the whole and the addition?

Whatever the underlying system, how, in the end, does it square the usual big questions for humans: Mortality, Blue Skies, Tribal Insanities, Rain Trails on Speeding Train Windows, Inner-city Manholes, Heart-shaped Oil Stains on Dirty City Roads?


Archival digital prints, handmade, hardcover, section-sewn, limited-edition book. 20cmsW x 30cmsH, 48pp. This work is also available in an indigo-printed, hardcover, hand-bound open edition.


The images below are non-consecutive page spreads
from everything … and this.

Cover of everything … and this
everything … and this P1
everything … and this P2
everything … and this P3
everything … and this P4
everything … and this P5
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