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I Decline Myself

WITHOUT language who am I? Without words, what would my thoughts
be made of? What would comprise the inner life?
When learning Latin we learn of the strict linguistic constructions of nouns, verbs and syntax. We see that nouns are organised in ‘declensions,’ determining relationships in sentences.
In a similar way to the way that these rules build language,
does language build the self?
I Decline Myself  is one in a series of books (Declensions and Conjugations) concerning the underlying linguistic nature of selfhood. The compounding translucent pages of texts build a visual image of the self. As we peel away these pages and constructions with what are we left?
Archival digital prints on translucent paper, handmade, softcover, screw-bound, limited-edition book. 33cmsW x 30cmsH , 18pp.


Images below are non-consecutive page spreads from I Decline Myself.

Cover of the book I Decline Myself
First page of I Decline Myself
Second page of I Decline Myself
Third page of I Decline Myself
Fourth page of I Decline Myself
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