Afternoons in the BARDO

Words begin the journey, promising the infinite, seducing us to believe in magic. But what does this magic trick mask? Is this fear of wordlessness our own, or is it part of language itself? What can we glimpse behind the veil? When the words transform themselves in whatever unexpected way they wish all the warring polarities seem to be more on the same page.
In the countless afternoons in this other state, we might suspect that we have all been taken for a ride. All these words (our masters?) tie us up. But perhaps they can enlighten us too, if we're willing to read between the lines. Best, perhaps, just to enjoy the ride.

This version (version1) is laser printed, french-fold, chicago-screw bound, limited-edition book. A work in progress.
21cmsW x 28cmsH, 84pp.

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© 2017 All Images and text copyright Lyn Ashby