Bookworks by Lyn Ashby

I used to carry a small French language dictionary around in my back pocket when I was too young to know what this resource really was. I simply loved the idea of having a book, a small portable book, available at all times, that I could refer to whenever the fancy took me that would somehow offer me insight into my present experience, and, by referring to another or bigger world, translate it into something both exotic and useful. The artists' books presented here are made in this same spirit of mystery and transformation. For subject matter, I have ventured from that first linguistic equation, but then again not so far that I am not still seeking some insight and transport from an occasional present participle.

The books you find on this site are, with one or two exceptions, hand made in a limited edition of 50 and are for sale. I offer them as a tribute to the fascination with books and their endless relevance and application to the real life, and the translation they make possible. For more information, prices and purchasing details, click Contact.

For those who are interested, I have a PhD (Studio-based, arts research) from Monash University in Melbourne (DECODEX: Artistsbooks and Postliteracy). I have also gained qualifications from the London College of Communication (Master of Arts, Typo/Graphic Studies), the Victorian College of Arts (Graduate Diploma in TV/Film), the Sydney College of Arts (Bachelor of Visual Arts — Photography), Adelaide University (Bachelor of Arts — English Language and Literature). As well as this, I have won awards in film (FFICS, Tokyo for the animated film Under the Weather), in photography (Lady Fairfax Award for Photography, open section, for Peripheral Vision), been awarded the Southern Cross University Acquisitive Artists’ Book Award (for The Ten Thousand Things), and I have received several grants from the Australia Council for the Arts.

My works are held in several international and Australian collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Tate Britain (London), The University of the Arts (London), The New York Public Library, Carleton College (Minnesota), Bibliotheca Librorum Apud Artificiem, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Library of Australia, most state libraries of Australia, Melbourne University (Baillieu) collection, Artspace Mackay and Southern Cross University and Monash University artist's book collections.

For more information about my books, revisit an interview with me first published online by CODEX Australia in October 2012.

In 2016 I have been a Siganto Research Fellow, enquiring into the nature of narrative in artists' book, using the extensive collection of artists' books in the Australian Library of Art at the State Library of Queensland. You can read blogs written as part of that Fellowship at Blog1, Blog2, Blog3. This research will be summarised as an article in The Blue Notebook, published by the Centre for Fine Print Research in Bristol this October (2017). A special preview version of this article can be read here.